Don't let a dodgy power supply ruin your event!

Almost every event relies on a strong and stable power supply and we know how important it is to you that everyone involved in your events from guests to staff are kept safe! 

If you’ve already got a mains supply at your event venue then that’s great, we can install the distrobution systems to make sure everyone who needs power can have it. Our hire stock of cable, distro and end units makes it simple to ensure all of our installs are clean, tidy and well managed. 

If you need us to bring the power with us then that’s not a problem either, from small generators to complex setups with multiple generators sync’d to guarentee there will never be a power outage at your event! 

Of course, it goes without saying that every power install we complete is signed off to the national standard BS7909, so you know that anyone using our temporary power system is safe from the risk of electrocution and we’ve installed it following the latest national practices!