SGM G-7 Spot

SGM G-7 Spot

Avion TSL is the UK’s First Supplier of the brand new SGM G-7 Spot. The G-7 Spot is the quintessence of IP-rated moving heads. A fast, compact, and lightweight mid-sized moving head spot with high-output and low power consumption. Thanks to its white LED engine and CMY color mixing, the G-7 Spot is the perfect […]

KV2 Stock Increase – ES System

We have recently enhanced our KV2 Audio Stock to include a complete ES System. Since we purchased our original EX system we and our clients continue to be impressed by the quality and the clarity from KV2 Audio so when we took the decision to expand our PA stock… KV2 was the only option. The […]

Human Hamster Wheel Raises £8800

Supporting unusual events is something we love doing at Avion TSL. When we were approached to light a Human Hamster Wheel for 50 hrs in Brindley Place Birmingham we didn’t ask why, we just agreed to sponsor it! As time went by we learnt more about what we were being asked to do and why…but […]

A BirthdayBASH to remember with CircusMASH

Kings Heath based circus development company CircusMASH has been bringing the elaborate world of circus back to the community since 2011. Starting out teaching a few classes a week in spaces that were available,¬†CircusMASH now has their own space that is occupied most of the time with some form of class or rehearsal! We’ve had […]