We’re proud to release details of our Summer Stage Package for 2016.

At Avion TSL we understand that charities, pubs, hotels, companies and individuals want to do more outside to celebrate what we love about summer…kicking back and relaxing so we’ve put together a package that makes it really easy for anyone to get involved!

We’ll turn up in the morning and rig our stage either in your garden, car park, street…anywhere really! We’ll put our KV2 PA in, rig some outdoor lighting and let your acts or performers do their thing!

All we ask from you is that we can have some power, it’ll be a bit quiet otherwise, unless we provide a generator too?!

If it gets to 24hrs before your event and the weather looks like it’s going to be a traditional British Summers Day…wet…then we won’t come at all and it won’t cost you a penny!

Our special price for this package for 2016 is £1000 + VAT so get in touch with us today to confirm your date and booking!